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Vieira’s Construction has a lot of experience in Massachusetts landscaping and a team of dedicated experts to help transform your backyard into a beautiful outdoor oasis. Our professionals do an excellent job, from garden design to stone masonry, so that the result you want is actually achieved.

Your dream will come true in our hands

By incorporating a well-designed outdoor living area into your property, you have the opportunity to spend more time with friends and family, enjoying fresh air, a pleasant and happy environment. Also, on chilly November evenings you can gather around the fire with your friends and have a relaxing, warming leisure time. Whatever your desire or lifestyle, a custom built patio can add great differentiators to your property. A good patio design not only increases the usable space and enjoyment of your home, but can also increase curb appeal and property value.

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The Benefits of a Paved Patio

One design option you may consider including is a paved patio. Once you have a design in mind, paver patio installation is a fairly straightforward process. Our experienced professionals will show you color and material options that will help you create a prominent place on your property. Vieira’s Construction experts will help you choose the best option for your specific needs. Below are just a few of the benefits of paved patios:

A solid surface to furnish

A patio gives you a space to use in ways a yard cannot. Your outdoor furniture will stay cleaner, and you will be able to enjoy your space without worrying about mud or bugs in the grass. It’s really like adding on an extra room right outside your house.

Reduced yard maintenance reduction

A stone paved patio is easy to maintain all year round. It will need to be cleaned from time to time, but pavers do not need to be mowed or watered, which can seriously reduce your workload. This eliminates much of your cleaning and maintenance headaches.

Customization and cost flexibility

With the huge variety of paver choices you have, you can make the project fit any landscape and can adjust your material choices to your price point with ease. This way, you can get exactly what you want and be kind to your budget. We give you a guarantee that everything will be done on time and on budget. 

Adding Outdoor Structures To Your Patio

Consider adding gazebos, pergolas, and pavilions to your landscaping projects as they provide elegance and practicality. Whether you’re looking to add some shade to your backyard, or create the perfect platform for your outdoor kitchen or picnic – a covered patio can provide the perfect space for entertaining or relaxing at home.


Modern pergolas are now used for many reasons. Some are meant to be sitting areas beside pools or lakes, and others are just a shady spot to smell the scents of the flowers growing there and the beauty of the outdoors.


Pavilions are like open-air gazebos, with multiple directions for people to come and go. Pavilions are typically built on a bigger scale than the average gazebo, with more space for larger groups of people. They are made to be an inviting, open space. 


A gazebo is a great way to add a cool shaded space to your landscape. They are typically used for relaxing in the heat of summer, but many people find that a gazebo is a great place for other activities. We’ve had many clients use their gazebos as a place for an outdoor kitchen, a fireplace, or even a hot tub. And what could give a gazebo a more charming touch than some quality lighting? Imagine yourself swinging in a hammock under twinkling lights in your own private backyard. If that’s what you want, Vieira’s Construction can help.

We guarantee you'll be satisfied

We are committed to making our customers happy from day one. That’s why we strive to deliver only excellent results. We use only quality materials, experienced professionals, and well-established processes so that we can meet our deadlines and budget. Everything will be done as agreed. We will stick to your needs and only do what is best for your project. We take responsibility for everything we do. When something goes wrong, we don’t turn a blind eye; we give you our guarantee that everything will be taken care of. When you hire our company, your project will be in good hands.

Why choose us?

The least possible discomfort for your family

Our process and working method seeks to minimize the impact of your remodeling project on your family’s daily life. We work efficiently and ensure we do everything with agility to meet the deadline.

We contribute to the environment

Our work process involves the correct disposal of materials, which reduces waste, keeping the place clean and organized, and thus helping the greenhouse effect.

Clear communication, no fine print

As contractors, our commitment is to honesty and clarity. We do everything as agreed and work to fulfill every step of the project with excellence.


We give you a 1-year warranty. This warranty covers all labor our team has worked on.

Remodeling services for all rooms

We do any and every kind of remodeling. No matter if you need additions, bathroom remodeling, cabinets, kitchen remodeling, new construction and remodeling, our team is trained to transform your home into something that comes out of your dreams.

We help you choose the materials

If we can find materials that retain the aesthetic and quality you are looking for and it fits your budget, we’ll direct you towards it.

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